Connecting to Capital One 360 Accounts in Quicken

Capital One 360 has recently terminated the support for Direct Download/Bill Pay by OFX.  We would suggest updating accounts using one of another obtainable download options in Bank activity – Direct Access or Manual/Web Download.

For changing an account from OFX to Direct Access you would need to disable and re-enable downloading for your account in Bank activity You can use the following steps:

  • Click on the cloud icon beside the account name.
  • From the window that enables click the “Take Offline” button.
  • Select the account from your left-hand side of the Banktivity window by single-clicking on the account name.
  • Now Go to Account> Set Up the Online Access – choose the “Direct Access” option when elicit
  • Enter your account information in the windows that follow.

A quicken is an accounting software of personal financing system. It helps to manage or maintain the financial system of the account. People can edit or modify their finance and also develop their tax planning.

This software carries the investments tracking, banking transactions recording, planning for financial activities, budget planning, measuring progress and performance. In this software, many types of accounts are attached for control or modify the finance.

Some user wants to connect to Capital One 360 account in the Quicken for maintenance. But first, you have to know about our 360 accounts.

Capital One 360 Account:-

Capital One is a financial corporation or you can say it is a bank holding company. It provides to their customer auto loans, savings, banking, credit card and more. Our 360 account is the type of savings account which user can hold or use this savings for the different purpose. When any person opens their account with Capital One bank then bank provides much information about the online banking. Account login and password are given to the user. Now we discuss the How to connecting to capital one 360 accounts in Quicken.

Connecting with Quicken:-

Sometimes the user wants to run their account or if they have our quicken accounts then they can easily modify some of their savings or transactions. Due to some security reasons capital, it requires a type of special finance access code. You have only a user id and password. But this issue is easily solved because access code can be generated.

So If you want to connect your accounts then you have to follow these process.

Step 1: Open the capital one website from your browser and login into your account.

Step 2: Now, you have to select the view account option.

Step 3: select account service & setting option.

Step 4: After this select Then get the access code and wait for the new page in your browser.

Step 5: Now you can see the access code tab and you put your password on the password box for connecting with the quicken.

Step 6: After this, you can see your access code on your window and copy this code.

Step 7: Open the quicken website and log in. Open my account option and paste this access code option on the access code box.

Step 8: Fill all the options correctly and save it for connecting to capital one 360 accounts in Quicken.

Quicken site provides many facilities for the user. Accounting help and account statement are easily found by the user. If the user getting any type of problem in the Quicken accounts. The user wants the solution for this issue. Any type of problem is easily solved by our Quicken support team. So if in case you face any glitches in the quicken account then you can go for help support.